The Sharkfin & Telescopic Banners

sharkfin banners 300x139 - The Sharkfin & Telescopic Banners

The Sharkfin Banner has a soaring effect that will make the most of your exposure and increase the effect of your message. Sharkfin Banners are able to withstand winds of up to 50km an hour. They are light and designed to endure substantial winds. They can also be folded away into a carry bag. They can be positioned on your roof, in front of your door, at trade shows, next to your cars, or anywhere else that you would like to place it.  What also makes this Sharkfin Banners unique is that no wind is required to keep the flags up.  The Sharkfin and Teardrop banner is appropriately named because of the shape of the banner.

Sharkfin banners actually started with a man who believed that if he gazed at a fishing rod long enough he would come up with an astonishing idea. He bent the fishing rod and applied fabric under tension and created the first ever teardrop banner. This caught the eyes of passers-by and thus created a new method of advertising.

Sharkfin Banners can be ordered in numerous heights and are printed on our premises. The Sharkfin Teardrop Banners are available as single or double sided units, they can include your company logo, tag line and a message. Sharkfin banners and Teardrop banners are a captivating mode of both indoor and outdoor advertising. All industries need to focus their advertising efforts if they want to be noticed by their target audience and both the Sharkfin and Teardrop banner are proven effective advertising tools.

They are the perfect advertising medium that offers an affordable and extremely noticeable presence at indoor and outdoor events for your business. You can use multiple custom banners to produce a stylish borderline or entrance way at your event or trade show. Sharkfin Banners are an innovative outdoor banner design that ensures your image is always visible from any viewable direction, for your target market to see, in conditions that other advertising cannot stand up to.

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