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Signage Maintenance

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Once your new sign is manufactured and in position, why not allow Boldmedia Signage to tailor a maintenance program to suit your specific needs?
This can range from a general clean or service to structural maintenance, and not only protects your investment but also allows you to get the best looking and functioning product for the longest period of time.
Your signage package may have been a considerable outlay and be a crucial element to your branding and corporate identity. As such it makes sense to safeguard your asset and ensure maximum longevity. Where specified, we use an anti-graffiti/UV protectant clear coat which along with increasing the lifespan of the sign, also offers an easy wipe-off solution against most graffiti’s and tags. Our professional installation team are also licensed to work with access equipment, so regardless of the sign location we can still perform a thorough and comprehensive service.
So whether it’s an annual clean or a repair when required, speak to our sales team to organise a customised program to suit your needs.
Services Include:
Illuminations (LEDs and transformers, tubes/globes and starters) checks, repairs and services
Touch up pain
Internal/external cleaning
Vandalism repairs
Warrantee management
Signage Maintenance Services Johannesburg
Your company’s image counts, and that means that it is essential to keep your signage in ideal shape. This is as important as maintaining any other piece of equipment that your company needs to properly function.
What Impacts the Appearance of Signs?
Your sign can suffer due to everything from vandalism and graffiti to weather conditions like storms and the sun’s damaging rays. Dirt build up can also significantly age your sign. Over the years, these factors will no doubt impact your sign and paint will fade and deteriorate , compromising your valuable asset . Additionally, older signs may need to be cleaned, polished and re-lamped.
Our Sign Maintenance Program
One of Boldmedia Signage’s specialties is maintaining signs. This means that we will handle preventative cleaning as well as routine maintenance. These important procedures will extend the life cycle of your sign and maximise the appearance of imagery.
In addition to scheduling visits as needed, our company can consult with you to create a custom maintenance schedule. We often recommend that signs receive servicing every three years; however, your illuminated sign may need even more servicing if it is operating all day and night.
On each visit, we will carefully assess the condition of your signage. When necessary, we will also paint, make general repairs and service the electrical components of your sign. If major repairs are necessary, we will alert you immediately. The goal of our maintenance program is to ensure your sign functions properly and is in optimal condition. Additionally, we will store digital records pertaining to your signage for our reference purposes.

Signage Cleaning

You service your vehicle’s every year so why not your signage? Signage tends to be one of your biggest investments yet we hardly ever take the necessary care to ensure we get the longest life span. After installing your signage it will start to deteriorate, fixtures will come loose and lights will need to be replaced. A regular maintenance routine can help identify any potential safety hazards and prolong the need for full replacement.
Our signage maintenance services include:
High pressure washing
Signage rejuvenation
Night illumination audits
Electrical maintenance
Replacement of LED bulbs
Emergency and make-safe works
Graffiti removal
Signage repair

Signage Fabrication

Boldmedia Signage operates a fully equipped fabrication shop from the dirty and dusty process of welding and grinding, to the final stages of buffing and painting. Our all in one process will see your job completed from concept to final product completely in house. Unlike other companies who will sub-contract their fabrication process, we are able to reduce overall costs and can ensure that your frame, 3D lettering or custom fabrication job is of the highest quality.
With an experienced team of welders, fabricators, painters, and finishers, there isn’t much we can’t do. Using a large range of materials, from aluminum and steel sheet & tube to aluminum composite paneling, we can help you make the best choice based on your budget and requirements. We have an extensive catalog of custom signage from 3D lettering, to architectural steel framing and pylon signs that stand out from the crowd, if you can dream it, we can make it.
Our fabrication shop starts with the steel, welding, and grinding, but every good sign is only as good as the finishing touches. At Boldmedia Signage, we ensure that all welds are treated to eliminate rusting, joins are bogged and sanded, and our paint jobs are second to none using ours in house automotive spray booth and paints. Using techniques and experience gained in the automotive repair industry, it is our attention to detail that will ensure your signs look the best, and last the longest.

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We manufacture, supply signs and carry out installation across the South Africa, within a variety of sectors. Whether you require a single sign or an entire re-branding experience, you can rely on us to manage your project from start to finish with complete care and professionalism. It’s our standard of service and experience that make Boldmedia Signage the first choice for signage.


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