Full Colour Same day Correx Boards

correx board printing 300x210 - Full Colour Same day Correx Boards

Full Colour Same Day Correx Boards

Correx Boards are also known as corrugated board. Correx Boards are affordable, lightweight, water-resistant and multipurpose sign board suited to outdoor short term signage often used for display boards or advertising boards. Correx boards are an extruded twin wall fluted/corrugated polypropylene sheet and offers effective solutions to a wide variety of applications. It is ideal for many kinds of sign displays and advertising applications.

Correx Boards are often used as:

  • • Estate Agent Sign Boards
  • • “For Sale” Signs
  • • Lamp post/pole Signs or Ads
  • • Direction Boards

Colours that are available vary between suppliers and usually include a variety of spot colours and the four Process colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

Same day Full Colour Correx Boards printed from a minimum of 50, go bold, go full colour, promote your event or business.

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