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Pull- Up Banners
Pull-up banners are most commonly used indoors, but in certain circumstances it can be used outdoors. When used outdoors you will have to stabilize the banner with sandbags at the base, although we don’t commend it as it will look unprofessional. Pull-up Banners are ideal for trade show displays, exhibitions and retail environments.
They are easy to set up, requiring minimum effort. This product is lightweight and portable and is supplied with a carry bag. The Pull-up banner extends from a casing base to a height of two meters. It is held in place by a telescopic rod behind the banner for convenient and simple presentation of your corporate graphics. It returns to the cartridge for easy storage.
A pull-up banner stand can be positioned individually or combined with other display products for extra impact, with pull up banners you can deliver top quality presentations at publicizing events and functions, they are attractive and look professional. Roller banners play a crucial role when it comes to generating awareness of your product and company when it is displayed at an exhibition, outside of your business or at a conference venue. Pull–up banners have become a real crowd – puller at trade fairs where regulations stipulate the use of similar exhibits that are all alike.
X frame banners, also known as spider banners, are one of the more affordable ways to display your vinyl banners. The X-Banner are perfect for presentations at tradeshows, and product conventions, many companies also use them on the show room floors in their business. The X-Banner includes printing, a banner stand and carry bag. Each corner of the high resolution durable print has an eyelet for easy assembly of the X-banner frame. The Banner can be printed in full resolution colour to have an eye-catching effect on prospect clientele at trade shows. We can do the design for you or you can send through a design for us to print for you.
The X Poles behind the banner, splits at the crack and holds the banner open at the center. The banner has 4 holes that stick in the pins. X Banners are made of durable and lightweight materials and are obtainable in a number of standard widths, sizes, formats, and arrangements.
X-banners are great for indoor use, they are usually used in malls and at promotions, tasters, expos and shop fronts. X–banners are prefect for displaying your message in a wide range of places and it is ideal for drawing attention to businesses, restaurants, coffee shops and trade shows.
Generally, X-Banners have a slim line silhouette that will occupy a minimum amount of space. It can be placed near a wall or in a corner of the room with minimum space requirement, making it the perfect solution for Point of sales and in-store promotions.
X-banners are ideal solution when the user requires changing the graphics very often an additional banner can be installed in seconds.
A-Frames also known as sandwich boards are perfect for mall-medium portable street sign advertising. A-Frame banners offer many alternatives to traditional advertising ideas. All A-frame banners come as a complete set which includes hardware, prints and a carry bag.
A-frame banners can be displayed either vertically or horizontally. If the A-frame banner is displayed horizontally we use one or two banners, otherwise if displayed vertically we use three banners.
There are many variations to the A-Frame banners, they can be made to stand indoors or outdoors. The outdoor banners are usually made from heavy steel to withstand strong winds and tough outdoor conditions.
An A-Banner is much like a pop- up, except the frame system is made from tent poles, which creates a still triangle shape. The A-banner is a great tool to endorse your brand on the ground, it stands 1m tall, but either 2m or 3m wide, it works just great at an event or on a golf course.
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