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The art of the stitch

Embroidery is most commonly done on products such as hats, bags, jackets or hoodies, rather than tee shirts. We offer digitizing in-house and pride ourselves on our immense attention to detail. It involves reformatting the artwork so the sewing machine knows precisely where to lay the stitches on the garment. Unlike some places, we never take shortcuts with our digitizing. We will even hand-select some stitching, instead of leaving it all up to the machines, in order to enhance the finished product. We take your design and vision into account and make expert recommendations so you end up with the best product possible. You can leave the technical stuff to us!

At Boldmedia Signage, stitching is kind of an art.

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The Embroidery Process

  • Reviewing the art
    We look for anything in the artwork that may not translate well to the finished product. If we find something, we make expert recommendations to ensure the best outcome.
  • Digitizing
    Digitizing is how we translate digital art files into actual stitches. Using special softwear, we make a full-size design to lay over the garment.
  • Sew out
    If you would like to see a sample before we do the full run, we will provide you with a sew out, which allows you to see the stitching on the garment and make any adjustments you may want.
  • Hooping and clamping
    Hoops and clamps are used to keep the garment in place and stabilized with the embroidery is being sewn.
  • Trimming
    We remove the extra backing from the design after the embroidery is finished to ensure the garment lays correctly and lasts.
  • Steaming
    We will happily steam your garments so they are clean and wrinkle-free after going through the stitching process.
  • Folding and bagging
    We will also fold and pack your garments neatly according to size so that they arrive to you in a professional-looking and organized manner. Individual bagging is available on request for an additional fee.