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COVID-19 Signage

Ensure your urgent business cards, postcards, marketing cards, stickers, flyers, greeting & specialty cards, booklets, books, retractable banners, promotional stickers, product labels, posters, outdoor banners, t-shirts, caps, aprons, shelf wobblers, bottle neckers, door hangers and much more, are printed quickly and accurately in high resolution, on premium quality stock, and dispatched on time with the Same Day Printing team.

We provide great, on time services to our valuable customers.

COVID-19 Work Signs & Posters

Make sure your work place is aware of the government guidance on coronavirus

Choose from a range of Boldmedia Signage reminding employees of how to protect themselves and each other from coronavirus.

This self-adhesive posters are suitable for construction, warehouse, retailers, hospitality, medical and office work environments.

Our COVID-19 signage sticks securely to smooth surfaces. Removable and leaves no residue. Unaffected by temperatures from -5°C to +60°C

Choose from A3, A4 and circular pre-printed posters.

A4 Wash your hands reularly bold 07 - COVID-19 Signage
Wear a mask A4 bold 06 - COVID-19 Signage
A4 How to wash hands bold 05 - COVID-19 Signage
A4 Area cleaned regularly bold 07 - COVID-19 Signage
A3 A4 Social Distancing 2m - COVID-19 Signage
A3 A4 respect social distancing  - COVID-19 Signage
A3 A4 respect social distancing bold 03 - COVID-19 Signage
A3 A4 respect social distancing bold 03 - COVID-19 Signage
A3 A4 covid 19 virus preventionSign bold 04 - COVID-19 Signage
A3 A4 covid 19 virus preventionSign bold 04 - COVID-19 Signage
A3 A4 covid 19 virus preventionSign bold 01 - COVID-19 Signage
A3 A4 respect social distancing bold 03 - COVID-19 Signage
A3 A4 covid 19 virus preventionSign bold 04 - COVID-19 Signage
A3 A4 covid 19 virus preventionSign bold 04 - COVID-19 Signage
Wear a mask Round bold 08 - COVID-19 Signage
Wash your hands Circular bold 09 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 220 - COVID-19 Signage


Coronavirus Hand Sanitising Stations

Boldmedia Signage Online provides Hand Sanitising Stations as an essential part of work life now for workers and customers to follow health & safety hand hygiene guidelines. Reminding people to hand sanitise on entering your premises and keeping germs to a minimum.

The base of the counter and the header sign have Coronavirus graphics which shows easy instructions on how to sanitise your hands following health & safety guidelines. Choose a pre-designed Coronavirus design of ours or have a custom design with your company branding. Our sanitising stations are easily assembled, light to carry and come with a carry case, making them easy to transport.

– Size approx. W 800 x H 2000mm
– Sturdy anti-scratch base
– Foamex header sign
– Full colour print
– Shelving in the back of the stand to keep stock of sanitiser and paper towels
– Easy self-assembly
– Comes with carry bag

– Supplied with 1000ml Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser (requires x 4 C Batteries)
– 16mm Thick Laminated Lightweight Board with sturdy Metal base
– Full colour print
– Easy self-assembly
– Floor standing unit Size: W 300 x H 1500mm
– Counter-top Size: W 300 x H 650mm
– Wall mounted unit Size: W 300 x H 650mm


Coronavirus Outdoor – Pavement Signs – A1 & A2

Boldmedia Signage Online offer trade price Pavement Signage with FREE DESIGN on the included poster to promote Coronavirus (Covid 19) Social Distancing safety awareness.

Coronavirus A-Board Signs

A-Boards, frames, and pavement signs are easy to use and of a sturdy build. Let people know that you’re open for business! And make customers aware of your social distancing Coronavirus safety awareness policy.

Sometimes called sandwich boards, our A boards are constructed with a durable silver aluminium so you can be confident in their placement wherever they go. Insert posters inside the A frame in seconds thanks to the easy to use snap frame design. Popular as a menu board or to attract passers-by with your special offers.

Coronavirus Water Base Signs

Two sided water base signs from Boldmedia Signage Online are heavy duty pavement signs designed to stand all weathers. Easy to assemble and made to last.

Built from a strong aluminium frame, water weighted base and supplied with double-sided anti-glare poster covers to protect your posters. Popular as a menu board or to attract passers-by with your special offers.

boldmedia signage 218 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 226 - COVID-19 Signage

Correx Printing for Indoor and Outdoor Advertising

Our standard price is for 4mm thick Correx printing which is the most popular. However, we can also print on 6mm, Custom Size Cut to Shape, larger quantities and 2 sided print. Please contact us for a quote.

Correx printing is economical and ideal for indoor and outdoor advertising i.e estate agent boards, events, concerts, charity events, corporate days etc. Boldmedia Signage Online correx printing is produced using a waterproof, lightweight plastic which has a corrugated surface.

Correx boards – ideal for hanging, nailing or glueing to promote your brand, events, meetings or just for general signage or sales promotions.

The largest size correx printing board available in one piece is 1220mm x 2440mm. Therefore making your design within this size of sheet/s make correx projects more economical. We can provide much bigger sizes than this, however, they will require a join which is standard in large sign fittings.

Leading Belfast Supplier of Quality Correx Printing

Boldmedia Signage Online is a leading supplier of Correx Printed Boards, Belfast. Correx boards are popularly used for business campaigns such as exhibitions, trade stands and events. Boldmedia Signage Online is a very reputable company for high quality and affordable print for your business. Printed Correx Boards is just one of the many print products we print.

If you are looking for low-cost printers based in NI, then Boldmedia Signage Online is the printers you are looking for as we are the most affordable printers, Boldmedia Signage. We provide a wide range of large format printing products such as foamex printing, pull up banners, poster printing as well as pvc banners and printed flags to help you promote your business on a large scale.


This is the number of types of items you require that are similar, where say maybe a couple of bits of information are different. For example – John, James, Jim would equal 3 sorts of business cards. Therefore please select 3 Sorts and upload 3 individual artwork files.

boldmedia signage 302 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 301 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 226 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 303 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 307 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 306 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 305 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 303 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage304 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 310 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 309 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 308 - COVID-19 Signage
boldmedia signage 225 1024x430 - COVID-19 Signage

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